Jan 30

Benefits of Using A Portable Basketball Hoop

Basketball has been one of the most popular sports in the world for some time now. People all across the globe love playing it either if it’s on the street, at home or on a professional court. It can be awesome, regardless of the fact that it is played one on one, or as pros do it in the NBA. It has no age limit, and it represents an endless amount of fun that develops a lot of abilities that will make you a better person.

Bringing The Fun At Home

Benefits of Portable Basketball HoopIt was not always possible to play basketball. During the 80’s, this was not such a popular sport. Although the NBA was founded since the 60’s, this sport didn’t become so appealing, especially because not many had access to a court or even just a basketball hoop. The game changer came from companies that were already involved in this phenomenon. They decided to invest and create a solution for those who wanted to practice, learn or just have fun within the comfort of their own back yard.

Lifetime and Spalding managed to come up with a new, innovative concept called the portable basketball hoop. They started with a simple backboard and hoop design that can easily be mounted on the outside of your garage door. They took this idea a step forward and managed to design a totally independent and mobile system that came packed in only one box. Everyone could assemble and use this basketball hoop. Add to that the fact that it could also be adjusted by various heights and you get a product that stormed the stores.

Introducing Your Little Ones To An Amazing Sport

Let’s start our journey through the benefits of a portable basketball hoop from its youngest audience. Because of its normal size, a standard basketball system is not fit to introduce your kids to this great sport. If you want to teach your 4-5 year old to shoot some hoops, he will not be able to reach the actual hoop with the ball, which will also be too heavy. That is why you need an adjustable system that is especially created for kids.

Many companies have designs addressed to all those who want to pick up on basketball from their early ages. The good thing about a portable basketball hoop is that you can adjust it as the little ones grow. You will save money, and you will keep your kids in constant contact with the sport.

Developing New Skills

Having a portable basketball hoop at home can truly change your life. You can improve on so many of your skills without even noticing. You become more accurate in your moves you get to strengthen both your arm and leg muscles, you become faster and more agile, and you even learn a thing or two about discipline and most importantly, competition.

Staying Healthy

Another benefit of using a portable basketball hoop is the fact that you stay fit. A game of 1 on 1 can really take it out of you. You will burn a lot of calories while at the same time having loads of fun.

Becoming A Better Athlete

We all know that although talent is a significant part of everyone who is involved in sports, hard work is what makes the difference. Training is the key to becoming and staying the best. That is why you never have to slack off, even while at home. Doing something you love should not be influenced by factors such as weather, location, or other minor impediments.

A portable basketball hoop will make you worry about how hard you are working and nothing more. Basketball systems these days are built for both indoor and outdoor use. They even came up with a design that is destined to be used by the pool.


A portable basketball hoop is loads of fun, but can also help you improve your game as a professional player. It is an excellent solution for those who don’t have constant access to gyms or basketball courts. It offers a lot of freedom, and it is just as reliable as a fixed hoop, with the bonus that you can move it from place to place.

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