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The History of NBA

The National Basketball association, which is better known as the NBA, refers to the men’s professional basketball league and is also among the four major sport related associations in the US. It currently ranks at number one, as far as basketball quality goes, and it is composed out of 30 teams, one of which is Canadian. The NBA is also the place where the most money goes, players having the highest annual average salary.

Where It All Started


The basketball league was conceived in New York. Its date of birth was registered as being the 6th of June, 1946. It was then called the Basketball Association of America, which later on became the NBA, after realizing that merging with the rivals from the National Basketball League will bring more popularity to the sport. Currently, all actions related to the NBA are directed from the Olympic tower in NY City.

Getting Into Details

The BAA, as previously known, was created by a group of people who owned some of the biggest hockey arenas in The United States Of America and Canada. They believed in the idea that basketball will catch on if played on a regular basis in front of large crowds. Their first year was not a big success, especially because of the low level of quality teams brought on the court. When the BAA merged with the NBL to create the NBA, things took a turn for the better. The entire structure changed, grouping teams into franchises that incorporated names such as Boston Celtics, the New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors, Royals/Kings, Los Angeles Lakers, Detroit Pistons, Nationals/76ers and Atlanta Hawks.

Player History

Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson

One of the most crucial moments in the NBA refers to the Washington Capitols. They were the first team to sign an African American player by the name of Harold Hunter. Even though, Harold did not make it to the start of the season, being cut from the team during the training period, he managed to set a precedent that got several other African American players to try out for other teams. The first team to dominate the NBA were the Minneapolis Lakers led by center George Mikan. They had won five championships before the 24 second shot clock was introduced to this sport. That happened in 1954 and revolutionized basketball.

Evolving Into Something Better

NBA TeamsThe Boston Celtics were the first team to dominate the NBA, managing 11 league trophies in 13 seasons. Bill Russell and Bob Cousy were unstoppable. Wilt Chamberlain, who played for the Warriors was Russell’s greatest adversary in what is called the biggest rivalry in NBA history.

During the Celtics’ domination period, the National Basketball Associations expanded and developed at an amazing pace. Several teams shifted from one city to another, many of them using the same name today. A 14 team league was built in 1968 which introduced the Bulls, The Rockets and the Suns.

Unexpected Trouble

In 1967, a new rival emerged. The American Basketball Association managed to land leading scorer, Rick Barry, and 4 of the most experienced referees. On the other hand, the NBA signed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was to become a legend.

Image Is Key

NBA LogoIn 1969, the current NBA logo was born. It is said that the inspiration came from a photo of Jerry West. The logo was used for the first time during the 1971-1972 season.

The NBA’s fight with the ABA continued. Both leagues managed to sign some impressive players, but it seemed the ABA had the edge because of their policy that allowed teams to sign college undergraduates. In 1970, the NBA had reached 17 teams, which was too much for the ABA. The leagues merged and formed a 22 team championship. The outcome was not that impressive, with TV ratings and audiences dropping at the end of the decade.

The ones that saved the game were Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. They saved the image of the NBA, which was tainted by drug scandals. In 1984, Jordan came along and changed the face of this phenomenal game forever. From then on, it has constantly grown in popularity.


The NBA had a tough couple of years but is now one of the most stable sports related associations in the world. It is profitable, and it has managed to make basketball an international phenomenon.

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