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Portable basketball Hoop Reviews: Lifetime 1479 Courtside Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System with 48-Inch Shatter Guard Fusion Backboard

Brief Description/Overview Of Product

The Lifetime 1479 Courtside Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System with 48-Inch Shatter Guard Fusion Backboard is a perfect gift idea for your loved ones. It teaches your kids about how important an active lifestyle is, and it also introduces them to a great sport that can be quite fascinating. If you go with this portable basketball system, you will get much more. You will make an excellent investment that will last for a long time, and you will all be able to enjoy it.

Lifetime 1479 Adjustable Basketball Hoop

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Main Features of The Lifetime Basketball Hoop

  • Portable, height-adjustable basketball goal system;
  • 48-inch shatterproof polycarbonate backboard;
  • 38-gallon portable base;
  • Slam-It rim with spring-back action;
  • Powder-coated rust-resistant finish;
  • Dimensions: 48 x 32 x 11 inches;
  • Weight: 50 pounds.

What Makes This Particular Portable Basketball System Different From Others?

The big difference between the Lifetime portable basketball hoop and its rivals is that it is manufactured by one of the most influential names in sports history. Lifetime is a true innovator when it comes to portable basketball hoops, and that is obvious with each and every one of their designs. The Lifetime 1479 is actually on of their best sellers especially because of the excellent price to quality ratio. You will not find a better solution to meet your needs than this one.

It is clear that Lifetime is a step ahead of all other manufacturers when it comes to portable basketball systems. They are the ones which started implementing this concept that revolutionized the world of basketball by allowing everyone to enjoy this sport without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

The fact that Lifetime always manages to come out with products that are affordable, but at the same time very reliable, says a lot about how great their work ethic is. A great example is the Lifetime adjustable basketball hoop that could have easily cost $400. Instead, Lifetime decided to lower the price tag and fit it with professional mechanisms such as the patented Slam-It rim with spring back action.


The price is this products’ biggest advantage on others. It is a product that most users love and say it does not get better than this within this price range. They are probably right. I did not encounter any other product that performed as well as the Lifetime portable basketball system. Even with its many flaws, you should never expect the world from something destined to fill the entry level niche. It is excellent at what it does, and it will keep your family and especially your kids happy. That is all you have to know.


It is hard to criticize a product that is fairly decent especially from a financial point of view. You might say that it is a bit unstable when facing strong winds or that some considers the materials as cheap to the eye. Others say that all it needs is a bit of reinforcement.

Is It Easy To Set Up?

It is pretty easy to adjust and meddle with. I don’t think any other similar product offers a better experience as far as assembly goes. The have all pretty much failed to find a way to make things easier for the user. The Lifetime portable basketball hoop will take about an hour to put together. Make sure that all the pieces are properly tightened. There is no point in ruing the whole thing because you got lazy.

My Personal Experience With The Lifetime 1479 Portable Basketball System

Lifetime 1479 Portable Basketball HoopI loved this Lifetime 1479 adjustable basketball hoop. I have been in the business for well over a decade now, and I can tell you a thing that not many realize. This particular product is a stroke of genius.

I can’t imagine how the manufacturers at Lifetime managed to pull it off. I am mainly referring to the price. A product that is so durable and reliable should cost a lot more. I love the fact that even though considered quite cheap, I managed to play 21 with an ex pro basketball player who even dunked on me a couple of times. I was so amazed to see that the rim sprung back immediately and that nothing bad happened. It was the moment that convinced me to purchase this item. It is my second 48″ portable basketball system, even if I did not actually need a new one.

Useful Tips

You can pretty much do all the basic stuff a basketball enthusiast does when near a basketball hoop. You will barely feel the difference between a fixed hoop and the portable basketball hoop. It is so well balanced and stable that you will not feel a thing unless you push it way over the limit.

Is It A Good Buy?

It is one of those investments that you will never regret. You will remember what a smart move buying this Lifetime basketball hoop was each time you play hoops with your friends. If great value for money needed an explanation, then this is it.


This is one of the smartest investments you could make. It is definitely durable and quite sturdy. It may not look like a million bucks, but it sure feels like it. It comes with a five year limited warranty that is always useful. It has also received incredible feedback from users all over the world who love this particular model. They say the Lifetime 1479 Adjustable Basketball Hoop is the perfect combination of simple features that perfectly capture the essence of basketball. It is sold mostly in the US and Asia.

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