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The Story of Michael Jordan

Introducing Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan PictureThere are a few names that come to mind when thinking about sports. Only a handful of athletes managed to remain embedded in peoples’ heads because of how great they were, and because of the way they influenced history. Michael Jordan and his jersey, which featured the number 23, are two of the most iconic images ever to emerge in basketball. This complete athlete is known as being the one of the most successful and influential people on the planet. He excelled in all basketball stages by winning college, Olympic and professional titles while changing the game forever.





Jordan was a Brooklyn boy. Born on the 17th of February 1963, he was one of five children belonging to Deloris and James Jordan. The entire family relocated to North Carolina when Michael was a little boy. His father was a GE employee who supervised one of the many plants the company had all across the US. Jordan always mentioned his dad when asked how he managed to become one of the greatest names in the history of sports. He learned about hard work and dedication from both his parents, who kept little Michael off the streets.

Michael Jordan DunkMichael was into sports since his early years. His road to greatness started after failing to make the high school basketball team. That moment was the tipping point of his life, which led him to work harder than all the others. Eventually, he managed to get into the University of North Caroline because of a basketball scholarship. While there, he was coached by Dean Smith.

In 1982, he became Rookie of the years, helping his team win the ACC championship. He got the final saying in the match against Georgetown University, when he scored the final shot of the game. He became better and better until he was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1984, as the third pick. He earned his first important trophy just before joining the Bulls. He played for the US Olympic team that won the gold medal in Los Angeles.

Pro Career

Michael Jordan HighlightThe Chicago Bulls were not the best of teams when Jordan joined them. They had few fans, but all that was about to change. Michel turned things around by bringing dedication, talent and a fierce spirit of competition to the table. He was often compared to Julius Erving, who was probably the best player during the 70’s. In his first year, Jordan managed to attract a lot of attention with his hang time and leaping ability that even got him a place in the All-Star team. At the end of his first season, he was named Rookie of the year.

Things got rough for him during the next season, when he missed 64 games because of a serious injury. He returned in style, managing to score an impressive 49 points against the Celtics. The second game made him the record holder for most points scored in one game. Jordan smashed the previous record by managing 63 points. He got to score 3000 points in a single season, but did not have the opportunity of making it to the playoffs until 1988.

In 1991, he finally won the NBA title because of a wonderful collaboration with players like Pippen and Grant. The following year the Bulls once again won the title and Jordan won a gold medal in the Olympics managing a 43.7 point/game average.

Lost And Found

Michael Jordan FactsThe next few years were quite complicated for Jordan. Although he managed to win a third title with the Bulls, he decided to retire when his father was murdered. He then started to play baseball for a minor league team, but that lasted only 7 months. He realized that basketball is not to be replaced by anything in this world. He returned to play for the Bulls who won the 97-98 season with Jordan claiming his sixth MVP title.

Jordan retired again in 1999 and focused on business. He invested in the Washington Wizards and then the Capitals. He returned and in 2001 played for the Wizards. He improved their game, but not for a long time, because of a knee injury that left him out for good.


Michael Jordan is the best player ever to set foot on the basketball court. He broke many records and inspired people with his dedication and talent. He will remain in history as the greatest basketball player of all time.  


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