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What Is a Mini Basketball Hoop?

Starting With The Basics

Basketball has been around for a really long time. As many other sports, it did not make its way directly into people’s homes. It took a while until companies such as Spalding and Lifetime managed to come up with solutions that could help the amateur basketball lover to have a lovely time without leaving the comfort of his own home. After Lifetime came up with the brilliant idea of developing a mobile basketball hoop that could be attached anywhere around the outside of your house, and then followed up with the portable basketball hoop that came with wheels and a foldable design, things started to unfold. Spalding invested more into developing new and innovative concepts and so did Lifetime. The battle led to the birth of one of the greatest toys every made. The Mini basketball hoop is one of the most fun and relaxing way to pass the time. It can be used by people of all ages and more importantly it can be placed anywhere you desire.

Mini Basketball Hoop

What Kind Of Mini Basketball Hoops Can You Buy Today?

Choosing a mini basketball hoop can be pretty complicated. It mostly depends on what criteria you choose to apply as guidelines to the actual purchasing process. First off, think long term or short term. Decide for how long you think you will need the hoop. This, in turn, will help you decide how much to spend. Budget is probably the most influential characteristic for most products. Remember to decide if you either want a mini basketball hoop or a youth basketball hoop. The difference is pretty big, considering mini basketball hoops are designed for indoor use and youth basketball hoops are usually conceived as miniature versions of normal portable basketball hoops.

After you decide on a budget, look for the brand. There are three major companies that need to be taken into consideration. Spalding, Lifetime and SKLZ are the most popular brands out there. They offer the best products and they have been in the game for a really long time, enough to know what indoor mini basketball hoops should be all about.

As previously mentioned, a difference must be made between a mini hoop and a youth portable hoop. The second category includes products that can exceed the $100 milestone. On the other hand, mini hoops cost $50 tops.

What Is The Best Mini Hoop Money Can Buy?

The most well known mini hoop comes from SKLZ and it is called the Pro Mini Hoop Streetball. It is their newest addition to the family, and it has become quite popular. Prices may differ depending on the retailer, but keep in mind that this is now the most popular mini hoop out there. It includes features such as:

  • Authentic look and feel of a playground hoop, including reinforced steel chain-link net. Brings the raw feel of blacktop basketball to your home or office;
  • 23-Inch x 16-Inch Polycarbonate shatterproof backboard with weathered street ball graphics;
  • 9.5-inch spring action break-away rim;
  • 5.5-inch SKLZ mini basketball included;
  • Easy to assemble, fits over the door or can be mounted on the wall.

Most mini hoops usually cost around $30 regardless of the brand that developed them. Lifetime products tend to be a bit cheaper. Even so, they don’t compromise and still keep a high level of quality and excellent features.

A decent mini hoop should first of all look like a real basketball system. Secondly, it should incorporate some features borrowed from the original NBA version.

What Are The Components Of A Mini Basketball Hoop?

A full mini basketball hoop package should include a backboard, the rim and a basketball, specially fitted to go through the basket. There are other essential elements that should be mentioned in order to know what a complete set looks like. Most systems come with assembly instructions. This means that they are not already put together. Good sets come with a break-away rim, with foam padded surfaces, so they don’t scratch the place you decide to place it on, with smooth edges and with shatter proof materials.

The ball that comes with the hoop should also have a nice weight to it and should perform like an actual basketball even if it is several times smaller. The last thing to check is one of the less important parts of the mini basketball system. The net that has the sole purpose of stopping the ball from going all over the place after being put through the hoop should be made out of heavy duty nylon which is highly resistant.

Who Can Use A Mini Basketball Hoop?

Initially designed for children who want to learn a thing or two about basketball, these small basketball hoops have become one of the most popular choices for adults when it comes to taking a timeout at the office or even at home. The biggest advantage of this particular mini indoor basketball hoop is that it is extremely versatile and can be placed almost everywhere you find a flat surface.

What Is The Right Choice For You?

After you look for design, decide on your budget and on the main purpose of the actual mini hoop, it is time to choose between mounting mechanisms. The simplest and most effective hoops are those that can be mounted over the door. Most of these models can also be mounted on walls, but not without leaving a mark. There are two other options, but they are not recommended by most previous users. You have the possibility of using mini hoops that have adhesive on the back of the backboard, but this means you will have to leave it there permanently. You also have the possibility of using a sort of fixed mini hoop that uses bolts that are attached to a flat surface.


A mini basketball hoop is a toy that can make both children and adults happy. It is cheap and fun, and most importantly, it does not get old with time. You will always enjoy shooting hoops even if you had a mini basketball system for years.

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