Dec 05

What Makes A Good Portable Basketball Hoop An Excellent Gift For Your Children and Family?

Lifetime came out to the public with one of the best ideas in basketball history. They managed to create the first boxed portable basketball hoop that can easily be placed anywhere you desire. The idea behind this concept was to increase basketball popularity and convince people it is a sport worth trying out.

The trouble with basketball was the fact that not all people had access to courts or gyms. It was easier to play football, hockey or soccer. Lifetime managed to turn things around. Their innovative spirit gave birth to one of their best selling items of the past five years. A portable basketball hoop is now one of the most sought after items that come off the shelves of sports stores.

Why Buy A Portable Basketball Hoop?

First of all, a portable basketball hoop is one of the best ways to have fun without investing constantly. If you make the right choice, a decent basketball system will last you for a lifetime. All you need is to perform some basic maintenance, and you’re good.

Portable Basketball Hoop An Excellent Gift When you think of basketball, especially as an amateur, you probably remember the time when you were a child. You remember how much fun you had, and how close you and your friends were because of having to learn to play together. You also probably remember how basketball taught you about the importance of rules and about the consequences that followed when you fouled your adversary or stepped out of bounds. You surely did not know the importance of those lessons then, but it is more than likely you realize them now.

Why not offer your child those same lessons and opportunities? Buy a portable basketball hoop as a gift, no matter the occasion. You will surely see his face light up. He or she will make a lot of new friends and get even closer to those who are already near.

A portable basketball hoop will help your kids stay in shape and will also help you bond with them, which is an essential part of childhood. Don’t deprive your little ones of some one on one time, which is getting scares with each generation. Teach your loved ones about the importance of communicating while working as a team and also talk to them about how great any sport is. Make them see basketball keeps you fit and also helps you have better hand to eye coordination. It keeps you agile and strong while also proving endless hours of laughter and happiness.

Keeping Your Friends And Family Together

If you have a large family, surely brothers and sisters have been around while growing up. There is no better way of remembering the good old times than shooting some hoops once in a while.

Bring friends over and organize periodical gatherings. Compete within the comfort of your own home and bond over a cold beverage that hits the spot every time.

What Can My Children And I Do With A Portable Basketball Hoop?

Teach your kids and even your other family members a few games that only need a basketball and a portable basketball system.

Try twenty one. This is a simple alternative to a 1 on 1 game with the simple goal of reaching 21 points. You start at the three point line which is determined by how much space you can spare. The only rule worth mentioning is the one that states each player must clear the ball after a rebound. That means you have to step out of the three point area before you try to score.

Another great game to try out is the All-Star Shootout. This is very fun and entertaining, but you have to bring more players to the game. Draw some circles around the hoop and assign them with different points, depending on how hard it will be to make the basket. Count the points after each player finished shooting. The one with the best score wins.


There are endless rewards that come with a portable basketball hoop. You will bond with your family and friends, you will have a good time, and you will even be able to blow off some steam by working up a sweat all by yourself.

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