Aug 27

Why Should You Get Portable Basketball Hoop of Good Quality?

Just as any other product, a portable basketball hoop is an investment that will set you back a few bucks. Make sure you find the best possible solution that will meet all your needs and bring a big smile upon your face. A quality item should be designed to deliver excellent performance while providing great value for money. That is exactly what you should look for when choosing a portable basketball system. Even though, it may look a pretty simple two or three-piece product, it actually has a lot going for it. All important sports companies that have linked their names to basketball are now investing in developing the best and most reliable portable basketball hoops.

The whole idea began almost three decades ago when one of the biggest names in the business decided to find a way to bring the fun and excitement of on court basketball to the comfort of your own home. This is why the portable basketball hoop was born. It is built as a compact unit that offers mobility and versatility. It is just as durable and reliable as a normal hoop with the added benefit of being adjustable and capable of being used in different scenarios without too big of a fuss.

The Importance Of Having A Good Quality Portable Basketball Hoop

What Are The Things To Look For In A Quality Portable Basketball Hoop?

Start with the price. Determine a budged, but don’t be cheap unless it is necessary. The price difference is obvious even if most companies don’t admit it. Think of your portable basketball hoop as an investment that should not lose its value with time. That means that you should know what you expect to get out of a certain basketball system. Don’t just buy the first one that comes your way.

Usually, portable basketball hoops that are not created by a well-known manufacturer such as Spalding and Lifetime are considered poorly built. This means you will probably end up enjoying it for a year or so before it starts deteriorating. There is no point in doing that. Save some money and get a more expensive one that can even be passed on from generation to generation. Also, great hoops come with adjustability settings. This way you will be able to play with your kid and watch him grow up while using the same backboard and the same ring.

Choose The Right Shape

It is not worth the sacrifice. Just because you need to save a few inches, it does not mean you should compromise the quality of the game. The backboard in essential to your entire experience so avoid fan shaped designs at all costs. They will mess up your game and ruin your chances of improving or becoming better when playing on a real basketball court. According to pro players, it will change the way you caliber your shots, and it will make it harder for you to go back to using a rectangular shaped backboard.

Don’t Jump To Conclusions

Another crucial factor that should be considered when choosing a good quality basketball hoop is the way it can be adjusted and how technology is part of its design. Don’t think that newer is actually better. There is a reason why prestigious manufacturers are still using classic crank adjusting systems rather than pneumatic mechanisms. Even if it is a bit faster, it is actually more exhausting to use, so keep that in mind! A quality portable basketball hoop uses classic features that are permanently improved upon.

Take Materials Into Consideration

Don’t forget that top of the line portable basketball systems have evolved a lot during the past years. You can now find all the materials used by the NBA for a very affordable price. Although a bit more expensive than previous models, portable systems come with rims and backboards that are built to last a lifetime.

Tip: Don’t go with acrylic. Polycarbonate backboards cost the same, but provide five times the strength normal systems do.


As with any product, when come to buying a portable basketball hoop, you need to look around before making the right choice. Don’t get lost in all the unnecessary details and don’t be afraid to spend a bit more. As time passes, you will never regret investing that extra $50 into something that will last a lifetime.

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