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Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews: Lifetime 52-Inch Shatter-Proof Backboard with Portable Basketball System

This is one of the nicest portable basketball hoop that came out of the Lifetime assembly line. It is a best-selling item that has been a popular choice not only in the US, but all across the world. It has quite an eye appealing design, and it is very reliable. It is easily adjustable and provides a lot of mobility. It is a pretty decent replica of an actual professional hoop. It is a reliable piece of equipment that reflects the great work ethic that brought Lifetime to the top.

The great thing about products such as the Lifetime 52″ Portable Basketball System is that it is clearly destined to serve the customers’ needs. The price is probably the biggest giveaway. All other important competitors would have sold this basketball system for twice as much. Lifetime stays true to its heritage and invests in people while embracing an innovative spirit that is not found with any other similar company.

This Lifetime basketball system has an amazing new feature that will make your life a whole lot easier. Most of the portable basketball hoops that are currently available in stores don’t have a simple height adjustment mechanism that can change the height of your system with just a squeeze.

This great Lifetime 52″ portable basketball system also has a steel backboard frame that is padded on its lower side to avoid incidents.

Lifetime 52" Portable Basketball System

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Main Features of this Lifetime 52″ Portable Basketball System

  • NEW FEATURE; Front height adjustment with just a squeeze of the handles;
  • Steel backboard frame with frame pad, It comes with NEW Front Height Adjust mechanism;
  • UV protection graphics;
  • Orange slam-it rim with two compression springs;
  • Lifetime Adjustable Basketball Hoop3.5″ 3 piece powder-coated steel pole;
  • Dimensions: 52.8 x 34.2 x 10.2 inches;
  • Weight: 106.6 pounds;
  • Backboard Type:Steel-Framed Shatter-Proof;
  • Backboard Size:52″;
  • Backboard Surface:Makrolon®;
  • Surface Thickness:3 mm;
  • Adjustment Type:Power Lift®;
  • Adjustment Range:7.5′ – 10′;
  • Adjustment Increments:Infinite;
  • Rim:Slam-It®;
  • Base Type:XL
  • Base Size:35-Gallon;
  • Extension:22″ Offset;
  • Pole Sections:3-Piece;
  • Pole Size:3.5″ Round;
  • All-Weather Net Weight:70 g.

What Makes This Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop Different from Others?

Lifetime 52-Inch Shatter-Proof BackboardThe Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop – Features a clear, 52″ x 33″ x 1″ Steel-Framed Shatter-Proof Backboard with a blow-molded frame pad (black), Power Lift, 3.5″ round pole – 3 piece (black), straight round extension arms (black), XL heavy-duty portable base, and a Slam-It Rim (orange). This is one of the few five star products that are sold by Lifestyle. People simply love its simplicity and durability. It is perfectly balanced and can deal with some heavy interaction on behalf of the players.

Pros of This Lifetime Basketball Hoop

This is simply a great product. The Lifetime 52″ portable basketball system stands out because of the way it presents its self. It is the complete package and will probably be pour first choice if you start analyzing offers. There is nothing that can make you think twice about this basketball system. It incorporates top of the line materials and the attention to details is amazing. There is no loose screw or sharp edge no matter how hard you look. It is safe and versatile.

You can easily move it around because the base comes with integrated wheels. It is also made to last. It is covered in all sorts of substances that prevent color deterioration and degradation caused by the passing of time. It is even able to deal with a more aggressive game style. The Orange Slam-It compression rim is fitted with two special springs that allows you to dunk and that also make sure the rim keeps its initial position.


There are actually no downsides to this Lifetime basketball hoop. It is a great choice to make.

Is It Easy to Set Up?

The answer is yes! The basketball system is not really that difficult to put together, but you’ll still need a friend or two to have your back if you are inexperienced.

My Personal Experience with the Lifetime Portable Basketball System

Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop I am quite excited by the fact that I actually purchased the Lifetime Basketball Hoop a few days ago. It replaced my older models that were also built by Lifetime. I saw this in a sports store, and I contacted some friends to see if I could try it out. Luckily one of them had the same model, and I was able to spend some time analyzing it before making the purchase. I could not find anything wrong with it.

It was stunning how a under $500 portable basketball hoop can be so well constructed. It was as stable as ever, and it even looks quite neat. I had to find something wrong with it, but I failed. That is why this Lifetime 52″ portable basketball system is my new way of keeping fit and in touch with my friends. I love to have them over for a game.

The best thing is that I have a feeling this basketball hoop will last me for a lifetime. There is no greater sensation than that of knowing you did the right thing for a change. There aren’t many items out there that could offer the satisfaction of knowing you couldn’t have done better. This actually did that for me.

Useful Tips for Using This Lifetime 52-Inch Shatter-Proof Backboard with Portable Basketball System

This is a heavy duty product that will take pretty much everything you have to throw at it. It will not give in, and it will always rise to expectations. Play all the games you want, it will never place you in any danger, and it will not mess with your skills. This is as good a portable basketball hoop as it gets.

Is It A Good Buy?

This is surely the portable basketball hoop to go for. This Lifetime 52″ Portable Basketball System is near close to perfection. If you are not convinced yet start doing some research. You will be amazed of how high people speak of this particular Lifetime portable basketball hoop.


There is not much to say about the Lifetime 52-Inch Shatter-Proof Backboard with Portable Basketball System. I simply love it, and I bet you will love it too. It has all the right features, and it comes with just the right price.

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