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Portable Basketball Hoop Systems Buyer’s Guide – Part 2

 In the first part of the guide, you have learned the basic components proprietary to the basketball system and the wide majority of modifications they come in. In addition, you found out more about the classification of 3 fundamental types of units as well as some of the advantages and limitation they present. Following, we will show you the main benefits of the adjustable, combined and fixed basketball systems.

Portable Basketball Hoop Systems Buyer’s GuideAre You Looking for Stability and Accuracy?

In case you want to be certain that you have a satisfying rebound when shooting the ball, then your best approach is to select a permanent solution. Unlike the portable basketball units, which are usually secured with water or sand, the in-ground system implies fastening the pole to the ground with several bags of cement. Because the weight of the base influences the steadiness of the hoop, a fixed unit will also help you make more accurate shoots.

On a side note, if the fixed solutions are forbidden in your community, then you have to do your best to secure the portable basketball system. In order to increase the immovability of the unit, search for a system with a large base and fill it in with sand, since it is heavier than water.

Do You Prefer a System Which is an Easy Installation System?

Without a doubt, the portable basketball systems are the easiest ones to install and you can move them to different places. Even though the adjustable systems come with an instruction manual, the assembly process is intuitive and straightforward: fill in the base, attach the main arm, backboard, rim, and there you have it – you are done!

In regards to the filling for the base, if you are not very concerned with stability, but have rather bought the basketball system to enjoy some quality time with your kids, then it is advisable to use water instead of sand. However, the benefits of the portable basketball units do not stop here and include:

  • Can be easily upgradable with other features, such as the breakaway or spring-loaded rims
  • They permit you to play anywhere you have an evenly surface (backyard, front yard, driveway)
  • Because you do not need to mix the cement and wait for it to dry you can install it in a couple of hours
  • You can install them as soon as you get home without needing a permit from the homeowners association or other authorities
  • By adding gym weights or additional sandbags at the base you can make the system very stable for more precise shoots
  • Ideal for people who enjoy basketball and have a job that requires them to relocate frequently
  • Investing in a superior class portable unit will allow you to perform slam dunks
  • You are able to increase or decrease the height of the hoop according to the players, including kids
  • Portable systems are very easy to store and will not occupy a lot of space
  • Average quality systems are significantly cheaper than the other two basketball systems
  • Quality systems are just as durable and will last just as long as the in-ground units

Are You Interested in Using The Basketball System for Many Years to Come?

While most players see the in-ground units as more resilient, the durability and lifespan of your basketball system is dictated by the materials of the unit’s components. To be more precise, the toughness of the portable units is not different from the fixed system. However, the sturdiness of the portable basketball system usually needs more upkeep.

Mind Your Neighbors and HOAs!

The location where you can hang the hoop depends on a plethora of factors, the most important being the basketball system you choose to purchase. The nature of the adjustable units permits you to place them anywhere you have available space as well as take them down after you are done.

Consequentially, you will not need to ask for permission: simply fill in the base with sand or water and enjoy playing. Nonetheless, in this situation it never hurts to be a good sport and find out if your neighbors mind if you play basketball. In case they do, you will need to find out why and determine if you can work out a compromise.

In the eventuality that you rented a house or an apartment, then it is highly advisable to ask the property owner for permission to install a basketball system. In general, even if you own your own home, it is best to ask your neighbors or the home owner’s association in your community before proceeding to install the unit. The explanation of why it is recommend to let the home owner association know about your intentions consists of the fact that any modifications on your property will also affect the value of their homes.

Overall, very few home associations will forbid you to mount a basketball pole in your own yard. However, most homeowners associations also have certain laws that specify the locations where you can place them. The bottom line is that in order to avoid any conflicts and lawsuits within your community, it is a good idea to invest in a high-quality system that incorporates an opaque blackboard so it won’t be the center of attention while driving or walking by your house.

Where Can You Hang The Hoop?

If you want to truly enjoy basketball, then you will need to find the best playing surface around the house. While it is true that playing on hilly surface will take a bit of the fun from the game, it is necessary to point out that the playing surface does not always have to be perfect. In fact, all you actually need is a medium sized and even area that can accommodate the total number of players who will be using the basketball hoop. Essentially, any surface that has a minimum of 16 feet in front of the basket – for free throws – and that is not inclined will work just fine. That being said, two of the common places you will see basketball hoops installed are the backyard and the driveway, don’t you agree?

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