Jan 04

Portable Basketball Hoop Systems Buyer’s Guide – Part 4

By now, if you have been a keen follower of our posts, you should be familiar with the various styles of basketball systems, their proprietary advantages and drawbacks as well as with the other components and accessories.

Portable Basketball Hoop Buyers GuidePerhaps, you have decided that the benefits of the portable basketball system outweigh the disadvantages in your situation and you know exactly the features to look for in such equipment. Having thoroughly considered the model that would be most effective for your particular playstyle, it is time to search for a retailer that can offer you a good deal on the portable basketball hoop.

In case there are several models of hoops that meet your specifications, it does not hurt to reconsider your primary decision based on the available offers. However, simplifying your search involves having three or four models in mind that you consider suitable, all factors accounted. It is necessary to point out that you should expect the quality portable basketball systems – like most portable equipment alternatives such as laptops, cordless drills, etc. – to cost more than static, grounded ones. Nevertheless, that is the price of mobility and in the long run, the versatility it confers your hoop will be well worth the extra investment.

Buying The Portable Basketball Systems from Large Retailers Like Amazon 

Amazon and eBay are among the best sources for a wide variety of merchandise from numerous categories of items. Therefore, they constitute the first place to look for the specific type of portable basketball system. Knowing the exact name of the model can simplify the search quite a bit, but quite often, these portable basketball hoops contain lengthy series of characters that act as unique identifiers for the model. If your initial query did not turn up the portable hoop you were looking for, then you will need to narrow down the available products by clicking on the specific categories, which in this case is Team Sports.

This category is split based on the sport, so choose basketball to restrict the query even further. Now, you will be able to view the main type of basketball equipment on the left side of the screen and choose the brand, the features, the price range (if it helps), the sellers and other filters that can bring you one step closer to the model you are interested in. In the off chance that your portable hoop is not listed on Amazon, then try alternative directories such as eBay, Craigslist and others. If it exists, it will eventually turn up somewhere.

Verifying The Reputation of The Sellers

You may have notice that the exact same model of portable basketball hoop is available from several retailers and sometimes, at different prices. Sure, the price is an important component of the decision, but it does not hurt to inquire as to why a certain vendor can afford to significantly undercut the competitors.

As of such, take a look at what the other customers had to say about the package, whether the hoop came damage or did not come at all, if it was missing parts, etc. You will notice that some report problems that were not caused by the manufacturer. Amazon may reimburse you for your trouble or replace your product, but it usually takes time and involves a bit of a hassle, so why risk it in the first place?

Checking The Specifications of The Product

The description available for the portable hoop will inform you regarding the contents of the box so take your time to read it. You can also find out these details from the reviews, in case the description is vague. For example, the product description may tell you whether you will receive an instruction manual detailing the installation procedure, the net or other accessories. These aspects also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so do pay attention.

Look for promotions

Some products may be available on discount so check the 10% off or more box in order to find out whether any of the online retailers has special offers. Other promotions could include free accessories or shipment, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

The Budget and The Payment Methods

It is inadvisable to contact the retailers you found on Amazon, eBay or Craigslist through other means than these sites. Conducting transactions directly is even more problematic, because in case something goes wrong, Amazon, eBay or Craigslist will not assume responsibility. While it may be tempting to skip the commission fees, the risk is quite high. When you are budgeting for the portable basketball hoop, do not forget to take into account the transportation fee, if one exists.

Transfer the money through secure methods as to prevent any potential hazards of being scammed and stick with retailers that offer buyer protection. Buyer protection includes the money back guarantees, but you should also thoroughly read what the terms and condition for the refund include. In case your problem is not listed among them, then you may not be eligible for the reimbursement and in this case, the buyer protection has no value.

Purchasing Portable Basketball Systems From Local Retailers

The option of buying them from a specialized sporting goods store does exist, but you should be prepared to pay a bit more. The costs of maintaining the showroom and the other fees associated with brick and mortar storefronts entail that the products are more or less costlier. Another issue associated with this decision comes from the fact that their inventory may be limited and the model of portable basketball system you want is not in stock. However, the advantage comes from being able to see – and possibly test – the hoop for yourself before you invest in it, rather than only look at images and read the specifications and/or reviews.

Portable basketball hoops may be available from other sources as well, including playground accessory companies, flooring manufacturers, shopping malls, etc. The drawback is that because manufacturing and selling this type of equipment is not their primary line of business, the selection is even more limited except in the case of specialized sporting goods stores. In addition, you will most likely find low-end portable hoops in these locations, which will negatively affect your basketball experience.

So, folks, be a smart buyer and get your desired portable basketball system. Happy shopping and happy dunking!

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