Aug 16

How To Safely Set Up A Portable Basketball Hoop

Portable basketball hoops have become extremely popular throughout the world. Being introduced during the 1980’s, these alternatives to normal basketball hoops have taken the market by storm, being rated as top sellers with all major sports equipment manufacturers. They provide a lot of fun and are also very convenient saving you time normally spent looking for an empty court to shoot some hoops. Portable systems are now available in all sizes and price ranges. All you need to do is make a mental image of what you want to accomplish by purchasing such a product, and you are half way there.

Manufacturers offer a large variety of choices when it comes to materials, backboard shape and even rim material and design. All those things should be very important, considering you are going to spend a couple of dollars in order to acquire this endless source of joy. These days, companies like Spalding or Lifetime try as hard as they possibly can to come up with solutions that will improve their current designs. They try different approaches when it comes to setting up a portable basketball hoop, and they also use new materials that are more durable and offer better safety features.

Basic Steps To Assembling A Portable Basketball Hoop

The great thing about portable basketball hoops is that they are very convenient. You can literally buy and use one in a matter of minutes. There is a catch though. Remember to always consult the manual that comes with the product. Manufacturers put it there for a reason. It is crucial to read all the aspects featured there in order to make the most out of your investment.

How To Safely Set Up A Portable Basketball HoopDon’t make silly mistakes that could ruin your experience and also cost you extra cash that is spent on unnecessary repairs.

Assembly is not that complicated if you follow the rules. If you can’t handle it, find a person who knows his way around some basic tools. He will do the job in no time. A thing you surely can do and must do well is know how to fill the base of your portable basketball hoop. There are two main options for you to choose from. The first one is sand, and the second one is water. Don’t forget to read the instructions that probably say how much of everything you can actually use.

Professionals recommend filling the base with sand. Even though is not as practical and more expensive, it is the better way to go. Water may be cheaper and easier to come by, but it has a lot of flaws. The biggest one is that it freezes and that could ruin the base of your portable basketball hoop. Not all bases are expandable so some could deteriorate during the cold season. Leakage is another problem with water filled bases. Some may get punctured without you noticing which will lead to the base becoming empty. If you fail to notice that, you might get injured, or the hoop may fall down and get ruined.

Considering External Factors

Keep in mind that even though portable basketball hoops are built to last and have excellent features, other factors may influence the safety of its use. Don’t place your basketball system close to the street and be sure to avoid uneven surfaces. Find a place that is well balanced and don’t improvise in order to make your hoop more stable. Also, remember to avoid slippery surfaces, if you live in a region that has a cold season, but you still like to shoot hoops with your friends during that time of the year. A portable basketball hoop is as stable as the next thing when it comes to ice.

Also, in order to avoid rust that can loosen hinges or decrease performance, use some lubricant on all the key parts of the hoop.


There are a few things to remember after purchasing a portable basketball hoop. If you read these paragraphs and remember the simple guidelines presented here, you will surely be safer, and injuries will not be a problem. You will also prolong the life of your investment giving others the possibility to enjoy a game of basketball without worrying about safety.

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