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Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews – Spalding 54″ Portable Basketball System


Nowadays, the portable basketball systems are incredibly convenient due to the fact that you can easily fold them away whenever they are not in use in just a few speedy minutes. Although lacking the same stability as the standard mounted or semi-portable counterparts, those portable ones will enable you to play this game virtually anywhere, be it the back yard of your home, a camping area or the beach. Provided that you have concrete flooring and sufficient space around it, a portable basketball system is the ideal piece of equipment for amateur and professional players alike.

Granted, the features of portable basketball systems will vary greatly from one model to another, which is why you need to make the right decision from the start. These gadgets do not come cheap – at least not the good ones – so replacing one in case it breaks is quite an investment. The Spalding 54 inch model is one of the most reliable basketball hoops available on the market and its price definitely doesn’t do its value justice (at least from the view point of the manufacturer). But basketball enthusiasts will have lots to cheer for on the other hand.

While it could be expected that a professional grade system like this one will be out of most people’s reach, Spalding actually costs about 200 dollars lesser than models with similar capabilities. To further understand what the hype is all about; let’s take a close look at Spalding’s specifications.

Spalding 54 Portable Basketball System

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Features of Spalding 54″ Portable Basketball System –  Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard

  • The base of the Spalding portable basketball hoop can be filled with up to 40 gallons (500 pounds) of sand or water for extra stability
  • The backboard is manufactured from high-grade tempered glass, for maximum resilience
  • The backboard measures 54 inches in width and 0.25 inches in thickness
  • Equipped with a breakaway rim manufactured from highly resistant solid steel
  • The Spalding system comprises of three pieces
  • The square pole measures 4 inches in diameter
  • Provides extra support via the 4 struts mounting method
  • The height of the backboard can be adjusted between 7.5 and 10 feet, for extra versatility
  • Easy to install and even easier to take down
  • The full system measures 56x36x19 inches and weighs approximately 207 pounds without the base filling
  • Excellent quality for the price


The Spalding portable system is a worthwhile purchase, a fact that you will notice as soon as you take it out of the box. One of the customers even reported that he was able to install the basketball hoop within a couple of hours only with the help of his son, even though the manual suggests three people for the job. With regards to the manual, while it may be less comprehensive than you would expect, mounting the Spalding hoop is not exactly learning how to perform brain surgery. The components are rather intuitive and the installation is a straightforward process, so the manual is pretty unnecessary.

Once the system is installed and you have finished filling up the base with either water or sand, the fun can begin. From the first hoops you shoot, you will notice that the stability of this system is very similar to what you could expect from a static one. The backboard does not wiggle when you shoot too high and its bounce is remarkable, not to mention the fact that the width is just right for all player types.

The adjustability of this Spalding baby is also a high point. If you have ever studied a guide on purchasing portable basketball systems, then you probably know that worthwhile models enable you to modify the height in accordance to the players, between 7.5 and 10 feet. And this is exactly what you will be able to do with the Spalding 54″. Take into account the heavy duty steel that went in the manufacturing of the rim and you have a deal that you cannot afford to pass up. A minor drawback is that this portable system is difficult to move when the base is full.


The Spalding Portable Basketball System constitutes an excellent value to quality ratio and it more than makes up for the suboptimal manual with its quick and easy install characteristics, the durable materials utilized by the manufacturers (heavy duty steel, tempered glass, aluminum), its excellent construction and of course, its portability. If you plan on changing your residence in the near future, and if your homeowner’s association does not permit mounting hoops or if you simply want to enjoy the game anywhere you desire, the Spalding 54” is your best bet!

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