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Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews – Spalding The Beast Portable Basketball Hoop


 The “Spalding Beast” is slightly more expensive than the 54 inch model designed by the same manufacturer, but the construction advantage it brings will definitely outweigh this minor price difference. The 54” backboard model is still an excellent piece of equipment for basketball enthusiasts, but the “Beast” can be regarded as a big boy’s toy.

Aside from the obviously larger backboard hinted by the name of the model, this basketball hoop is vastly superior in terms of stability, portability and versatility. If money is not a problem in your case, then opt for the Beast. Otherwise, you can still get a kick from its 54” Spalding counterpart.

Basically, the 60” version can compare and even outmatch most of the static, mounted basketball hoops but also includes the benefit of being able to move it around. At the same time, since most basketball enthusiasts have probably been confronted with stubborn homeowner’s associations that have declined their requests for a permit to install a static hoop, you can avoid the hassle altogether by getting this product.

Spalding The Beast incorporates all the quality and convenience features that Spalding is famous for, so it is definitely not a purchase that you will regret. The countless hours of fun you will spend on the basketball court are worth the investment. Still not convinced? Here is a short list of features!

Spalding The Beast Portable Basketball Hoop

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Features of Spalding The Beast Portable Basketball Hoop – 60″ Glass Backboard

  • The Beast’s height can be adjusted accurately in the 7.5-10 feet range via the screw jack lift
  • The gray-colored inset covers can be utilized as handles for moving the system around before the game
  • Inset covers also act as rebounders during the game
  • The backboard measures 60 inches in width and 0.25 inches in thickness
  • Backboard is manufactured from very resilient glass and can provide a 37% higher rebound accuracy compared to acrylic ones.
  • The breakaway rim’s frame is made from high durability steel alloys and the trim is made from aluminum
  • The system incorporates 2 pieces and the angled pole is shaped as a square, measuring 5 inches
  • The base of the Beast can be filled with approximately 50 gallons of water/sand, for extra stability
  • The net is white and can easily withstand virtually all types of weather
  • The portable basketball system measures 56x32x20 inches and weighs 150 pounds


The Spalding Beast basketball hoop is a tad more complex to install than other hoops, but fortunately the instruction manual is pretty comprehensive and depicts the proper installation techniques on a step by step basis. It is very important to respect the exact order of the steps because some components are more difficult to disassemble once they are in place. At the same time, remember that installing the upper section mandates that you fill the base with either sand or water (sand is recommended) in order to achieve optimum stability. In addition, ensuring that you have positioned the foam pad in between the rim and backboard prior to attaching these two components together is highly advisable.

Nevertheless, the installation only seems more complex the first time it is performed and once you get used to the steps, you will probably cut the duration of the task in half. The best thing about the Beast, apart from the larger backboard crafted from thick glass, a material with excellent rebound accuracy is that the vibrations are kept to a minimum. As mentioned, customers who have installed this hoop correctly stated that it can really compare to static systems found in most sports gyms. The stability is also boosted by the innovative and effective construction of the Spalding Beast.

And, don’t forget that its breakaway materials are highly durable and you should not experience any problems, whether you are professional basketball player or you simply want to have fun on your spare time. Your kids will also enjoy the playing on the Beast, because you can adjust the height of the goal according to the size of the players.


The Spalding Beast 60” is the 54” bigger brother and even though you will have to invest more, the upgrade is highly recommended. Very few of the portable hoops in this price range can even begin to compare with the Beast. And as Spalding has provided customers with a 5-year warranty for this model, what’s not to like, folks?

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