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Portable Basketballl Hoop Reviews: Spalding Portable Basketball System – 50″ Polycarbonate Backboard

The Spalding Portable Basketball System – 50″ Polycarbonate Backboard is probably Spalding’s most balanced product form all possible angles. It is not too cheap or too expensive. It is not over-advertised, or sell short. It is a customer favorite, and it is the best seller all across the world. It is one of the most sought after models because of its simplicity and even because of its elegant design. It is very well balanced and very reliable. It looks very professional, and it also feels that way. It is just what you should expect from a company such as Spalding. They are currently world leaders when it comes to distributing basketball equipment. The fact that they represent the NBA’s number one supplier says it all.

They borrowed a lot of neat features from those official NBA basketball hoops. That is why the Spalding Portable Basketball System – 50 is so popular. It is the closest thing to an on court experience. That is the main purpose of portable basketball hoops: to bring that excitement to your driveway or backyard.

Spalding Portable Basketball System - 50" Polycarbonate Backboard

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Main Features Of The Spalding Portable Basketball System

  • Portable basketball system with 50-Inch polycarbonate backboard;
  • Heavy duty steel frame, pro slam breakaway rim for serious dunks;
  • Height lift system adjusts from 7.5 to 10-Feet in 6-Inch increments;
  • 2 Wheel, 34 gallon base fills with sand or water for maximum stability;
  • 3 Piece, 3.5-Inch round pole, front cover acts as re-bounder during play
  • Dimensions: 55.1 x 37 x 12.6 inches;
  • Weight: 119 pounds.

What Makes This Particular Portable Basketball System Different From Others?

The best thing you notice about the Spalding portable basketball system is that it allows you do put in some serious effort on your dunks. The Spalding basketball rim is just as reliable as a fixed basketball hoop as long as you make sure the weight that keeps it tied to the ground is enough to keep the system upright even with a grown man hanging from the rim. Another thing that makes this product stand out is the excellent effort Spalding have put into making sure every separate part is perfectly conceived. You will not see a loose end or a poorly finished screw. The Spalding basketball system feels like it is worth ten times as much.


The Spalding portable basketball hoop offers incredible value for money. It is reliable and well-conceived. It looks impeccable, and it really makes you feel like a professional player. It is great for both amateurs and enthusiasts. The price allows both to access this fantastic product. According to testimonials it is quite the heavy duty system, handling dunks like no other. This and the fact that it will last for a lifetime are probably the determining arguments when trying to decide if whether to buy the Spalding Portable Basketball System – 50″ Polycarbonate Backboard or not.


There are a few customers who say the Spalding Portable Basketball System – 50 has a poorly built base that is sometimes flexible, which can be quite annoying, considering you bought this specific hoop because you knew it can improve your dunking skills. This problem can be solved by filling the base with water or sand.

Is The Portable Basketball Hoop Easy To Set Up?

It is as easy to assemble as any other portable basketball hoop. Because of its size, you may want to ask for a little help. It might take a while.

My Personal Experience With The Spalding Basketball System

One of my closest friends asked me to come and see his latest acquisition. My group of friends is pretty much in love with basketball, so we all have different portable basketball hoops at home. I happen to have the Lifetime manufactured direct competitor of the Spalding basketball system. When I heard I will have the chance to compare the two, I rushed over. We played a few games, and I was genuinely impressed. I did not manage to find anything wrong with it, just as it happened with my own portable hoop. I was happy that Spalding finally went all in and created an affordable product that delivers loads of fun without compromising. I loved the sturdy feel it provided, and I also loved the fact that it had a real professional look to it.

Useful Tips

You can use the Spalding portable basketball hoop to do pretty much everything you would normally do with a fixed basketball hoop. You can practice dunking, free-throwing and any other thing you desire. The thing is that even though it is advertised as a family product this is quite the all-rounder. The fact that it uses a heavy-duty steel frame and the PRO-Slam breakaway mechanism says it all.

Is The Spalding Portable Basketball System A Good Buy?

The Spalding Portable Basketball System is certainly a good buy. It is a close call between this model and Lifetime’s 52 inch model. They are both impeccable when it comes to details, and both have similar price tags. It is a battle that has not decided a clear winner yet. Some say that a Spalding is the best choice no matter the price or the features. Looking at the list of specifications provided by this particular product, I have to agree that there is not much you could ask for from a portable basketball hoop.


The Spalding Portable Basketball System – 50″ Polycarbonate Backboard is a nice purchase, if you are on the market for such a portable basketball system. It is the perfect portable basketball hoop to have. It has a great price, and it is built for the long run. It perfectly mimics professional playing conditions. All you have to do is improve on your skills. This product will actually help you quite a lot, considering it is the closest thing to a NBA approved basketball system.

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